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Leaders’ Care, Encouragement and Expectations, are our Source of Strength

Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Jia Qinglin, CPC Politburu Standing Committee, visited Noblelift.
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On the afternoon of Sep.12th, Jia Qinglin, a member of the Standing Committee Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and also Chairman of the CPPCC, accompanied by Zhejiang Provincial Secretary Zhao Hongzhu, the Provincial Governor Lv Zushan, Huzhou Municipal Committee Sun Wenyou, Mayor Ma Yi, Party Secretary of Changxing County Liu Guofu, County Head Zhang Genming, visited the company and was welcomed by Ding Yi, Noblelift's Chairman.

President Ding Yi shook hands with Jia Qinglin, when the VIPs got off the car, they then went together to the company’s product exhibition hall.
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The high-end products were neatly arranged, it was almost like an artistic novel. The machines came with internationally advanced level of performance, technical standards, intellectual property and quality reliability. Chairman Jia Qinglin carefully learned about product performance and watched with great interest the display of “RT16AC Battery Reach Stacker”.
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Chairman Jia Qinglin talked cordially with President Ding Yi about the company’s development. President Ding Yi put together a report for Jia Qinglin revealing the company’s acceleration of industrial tranformation and advancement, also showing the enhancement of independent innovation and the great-leap-forward development. While listening Chairman Jia Qinglin praised repeatedly, and fully affirmed the remarkable achievements and continued steady growth of Noblelift in the face of an international financial crisis. Meanwhile, he earnestly entrust Noblelift to continue accelerate forward and achieve higher standard of economic development. He stressed deeply about analyzing and studying the new “Five-year” Development, since it can play an essential role in the building of a good society and is an all-around way to further improve socialist modernization. Jia Qinglin hope that Noblelift will act in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the central leadership, take control of this practical situation and strive to develop a 12th "Five-Year” plan, consistent with scientific development perspective and the expectation of the masses for a better life. To inspire people of all nationalities to strive for a better life together and lay down a good foundation for the construction of a comprehensive well-off society.
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At the end of the visit, Chairman Jia Qinglin held the hands of President Ding Yi, reaffirming Noblelift’s achievements and wishing the company a better future.
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President Ding sincerely thanked Chairman Jia, and expressed that Noblelift would live up to his expectations, to do alot better and achieve Noblelift’s new development plan.

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