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via beauty cream a thing with so much to support your health from keeping your brain functioning at optimum levels and you know to times what we want to do is match our diet to this seasonal state of the microbiome by focusing on seasonal and local foods that we can get so in the winter we can focus on probiotic favorites like the Brussels sprouts the kale pomegranates as well as cabbage leeks and sweet potatoes for the body to function in winter we do need to help it out a little to be in balance so it's important to eat like root vegetables and anything that's like soups stews like bone broth spiced drinks and warmer liquids that will all help in working together with the body in the temperatures that were living in next little self-care ritual is not so much in the home but it's actually getting out so you can go out and do more things and spend time with friends it doesn't just stop there because being outside while the Sun is out can obviously help your vitamin D levels and breathing in fresh air gives