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Body Changes After Childbirth have never heard of this stuff no I'm not we're gonna laughing rose petal sleeping Miss Rose miss and they have like Black Friday in here you know the Friday after Thanksgiving is always so crazy it's kind of like that today and that's okay I got a nice little walk out of it I actually went to Ulta beauty earlier this morning it was gonna make a video in there but they've changed this is hydro boost water gel and gel cream the music in there now is so loud I can't make a video in there anymore it was very disappointing I really hated that when I made one in there last time it was it was I mean there was music but it wasn't that loud now it is insanely loud in there I don't personally I don't like it when the music is that loud cuz I can't concentrate on what I went in there for the music is distracting now let's see this is invigorating foaming scrub this is gentle scrub but they're out of that we're just trying