How to choose the best wig for you?


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You should pay attention to the following points
1. The size of the wig to be appropriate, whether the sideburns just match your sideburns.
2. Wig material has two kinds commonly: a kind are human hair lace front wigs, a kind is synthetic hair wig, had better be to choose the head cover that human hair does, the natural black hair that had not dyed black again in true hair is advisable.
3. Wigs covered with mesh cap, it is best to breathable performance is good, not very smooth thin fabric as well. Very smooth bottom, not easy to wear on the head.
4. Choose a closure wig 5x5 to coordinate with the color of skin, wear a wig to coordinate with the color of skin, in the case of their own hair, should try to choose and their hair color the same or close color, in the amount of hair or their own hair should be chosen according to the color of skin.
Supplement :
(1) the white skin color should be brown-yellow, light brown wig;
(2) Black skin should be black, brown and black headband wig;
(3) The yellow skin should choose chestnut, dark brown wig;
(4) To participate in the makeup party and other activities should be based on the makeup color and light to choose a suitable wig, such as Burgundy, yellow, orange, fuchsia and honey blonde highlights wig.
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