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    Our company is the first manufacturer to develop plastic mat making machine, we are professional in making various plastic extruder machine for more than 20 years,compared with others extruder machine, our equipment are more stable operation, the serve life is more longer.
    Plastic mat making machine can produce the mat with single color or double color, which can be used in many fields, such as the decoration of cars, hotel, home, office or any other place. It can be used as the anti-slip mats.
    Plastic mat making machine features
    This plastic mat making machine is the main product of our company, the production of this equipment is soft, anti-skid, anti-aging, easy to corrode, easy to clean, easy to use and so on. It is mainly used in hotel, hotel and door mat, etc. It can be divided into single wire and multi-silk, and customers can change the different color of silk to meet the demand of the market, and can be arbitrarily tailored according to the need, applied to different occasions.
    Product features:
    Products with dust proof, moisture-proof, anti-slip characteristics.
    Maintenance method: the vacuum cleaner can be used to remove dust from the surface, brush with soft hair to remove the dust, and wash the surface with the cleaning agent.
    Technical services:
    1. Provide on-site installation guidance and test success.
    2. Responsible for the commissioning of the equipment and the acceptance inspection.
    3. Responsible for the operation and maintenance training of relevant personnel of the demander.
    4. Long-term guarantee of spare parts supply.
    5. Provide technical consulting services for a long time.
    6. The warranty is free of charge for one year (except for damage caused by equipment vulnerability and user operation). After the expiration of the warranty period, all spare parts shall be supplied at cost price.
    The parameters of plastic mat making machine
    Main Final productsFoot Mat Making Machine manufacturers

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