China Kids Water Playground manufacturers

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    JINGLE (Guangzhou Jingle Water Park Equipment Co., Ltd.) is specilized in designing, construction, installation and maintenance of water park, hotspring, swiming and spa pool for more than 20 years, and featured on one-stop project service, backed by talented management and marketing personnel and highly-skilled teams in planning, designing and construction. Adhering to the core operation principle “Integrity & Sincerity” and “Customer The First, Quality The Foremost”, JINGLE has been undertaking and completing projects one after another, using high quality equipments and material, advanced design concept and construction technology, and earnestly safeguarding the right and benefit of each a customer.
    Contact: Mr.JING Hongbin
    Add: F/10, Junming Business Building (No.85), Tongtai Rd., Baiyun, Guangzhou
    Mob: +86-138 0273 1116
    Tel: +86-20-38802611
    Fax: +86-20-38802611 ext.801
    Website: wwwgzjingge.comChina Kids Water Playground manufacturers

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